Fitness Apps

As my first post i want to talk about Fitness Apps.

We all know as students, we can get very busy with school work as well as sometimes we get too lazy to go to the GYM. I fall in this category as well. Even though I love working out, sometimes I just don’t get the time to go to the GYM.

So I decided to workout in the comfort of my own home and try some few Fitness Application.  I can admit that I have tried a few, some good and some not so good.

1.Workout Trainer (Free)

This is the best Fitness App (hands down HaHa)workout-trainer


  • Follow along to workouts with AUDIO instructions and PROGRESS cues.
  • Instructional PHOTOS and  VIDEOS that explain each exercise in detail
  • Easily CREATE and EDIT workouts using the exercise database
  • Play your favorite MUSIC while working out .
  • Explore different workouts available in the workout LIBRARY.


2. Fit Girls Guidefit-girls-guide

A very pink and girly looking App.

This App works in sync with their website Fit Girls. The App it self gives you a 28 day workout challenge as well as heanthy recepies.  Its great because it can put you in communication with other people doing the same challenge as you and you become a community.

I am not so crazy  about this App because I dont get motivated by it. Besides that, it does not explain the exercises so I have to search for some of them separetly. Some days, I workout more than I should (but I have the motivation), this App will restrict me to working  out only a few exercises per day.


3. Nike + Run Club


This is another great App if you enjoy running. I used this App when I was training for Beyond Zero Marathon (Half Marathon-21KM) and if it was not for this App, personally I dont think I would have manged to keep motivating myself. I was advised to use this app by my Zumba instructor at the time (PS. she was a great motivation into me agreeing and actually doing the marathon)


  • Tracks and stores all your runs and records
  • Compare and Compete with friends
  • Personalized coaching plans adapt to your schedule and progress
  • Motivation and Guidance from Nike trainers


4.Butt Workouts & Exercises (Free)

In today’s society the bigger the butt the more attractive a female becomes (In reality not true, ALL Women of ALL Shapes and Sizes are BEAUTIFUL). So this concep made me start working on my glutes and I came across this App.

This App gives you all kinds of exercises to do, from easy to intermediate to hard. As for the workouts they have Kardashian Butt, Victoria Secret workout  as well as others. These programs you have to get the PRO version of the App which as a student I will definetly NOT pay.

Overall I did not enjoy this App because the exercises became repetitive and not fun. (Honestly speaking I would not recommend it).


5. 7 Min Full Workout7-min-full-workout

This app is great for the students who do not have time whatsoever. In just 7 min you start sweating really hard. Its great to do it in the morning, just put you alarm to ring 7 minutes earlier and sleep in your workout clothes, so when you wakeup all you have to do is start.


  • Animated Graphics
  • Adjust duration of exercise
  • Manage log
  • Pause-Resume-next and previous exercise

The exercises are fun to do and you can always increase or decrease the time depending if you are in a hurry or not.



These are some of the Fitness Apps I have tried. If you have tried them let me know your thoughts on them, and if you want, feel free to recommend the ones you have tried.


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