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What I Got For Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone, hope you have been good and Santa Claus brought you many gifts. So as much as I don’t believe in Santa, my family still keeps the tradition of gifts under the tree which you open on Christmas morning.

My family is small, so the idea of Secret Santa doesn’t work, instead we decided that everyone gets everyone a present. So every year, every member of my family has to receive at least 3 gifts. Then we also have a wrapping paper theme for each person. For example, my theme this year was gold, therefor all my gifts were wrapped in gold wrapping paper. That way we know which gift belongs to whom.

This year, my Santa was very generous and brought me more gifts than I deserved.

I got a wallet with very adorable cats on it. (To be honest I did need a new wallet and guess what, it was not empty :D)


And to go with the theme cat, I also got a makeup kit in the shape of a cat from Pupa.







With the makeup kit as a gift it was a must that I also receive some makeup brushes. I received the Oval Makeup Brush Set, which I am in love with btw.


I love colored eyes, therefor I got a pair of cosmetic contacts in the color Turquoise .


Its very ironical that my perfume finished recently and I needed one, and Santa got me Calvin Kline- IN2U Her20161226_101436

Lastly I got a beautiful necklace with the pendant of Tree of Life.


Those were the gifts under the Christmas tree which we woke up at 6am  to open.         Trust me, I felt like I was six again.

Just last year, we decided to  adopt the Stocking tradition, to put gifts in them as well as for decoration. We checked our Stockings in the evening just because we actually forgot about them. Anyway, for the stockings we usually put sweets and maybe a small gift.

I received Gold Chocolate Coins, Chocolate Biscuits and Wafer Sticks


I would like you guys to share in the comment section what you received for Christmas. Also if you need a review for some of the items above, do let me know and I will be glad to do it.


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