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Haller Park -Mombasa, Kenya

This holiday I decided to go home to Mombasa, Kenya to visit my family and spend Christmas with them.  On Boxing Day (26th December), I had suggested to go to the Nature Park for a walk and also to feed the giraffes. I would usually go to the beach, except that the beach would have been over packed on Boxing Day.


We went at around 1 pm. We put some sports shoes on, sunscreen and carried some water just in case. (Good thing we carried water because it was over in less than a quarter of our little trip, then we died of thirst since there were over 30 degrees Celsius)


The first guy to come and greet us was this monkey (they were everywhere). Btw these guys come visit my kitchen everyday, and we have to chase them away.


The park has many ponds with small fish in them. The colors of the park and the sounds from the birds and insects took my mind away from the city sounds even though the highway was a few hundred meters from where I was standing.


We couldn’t have passed by and not say Hi to this old guy. He is over 100 years old.


I found this tree very beautiful and relaxing to look at.

20161226_140215[1].jpgSay Hello to my little friend 😀 The Reptile Park was full of snakes from Pythons to Green and Black Mambas.


We got ourselves lost a little on some strange beautiful paths.


Well this guy is really enjoying himself in the sun 😉


And we finally reached the giraffes. We almost went home because we were dying of thirst, and then we remembered that we did not feed the giraffes. Luckily they were near the reception area.


And we finally fed the giraffes. These animals are so beautiful and serene. They made me very happy.

That was my little trip to the Nature Park. If you live in Mombasa, or visiting Mombasa, Kenya then you should put it down on your list of places to visit because it is beautiful. The park has different animals such as: monkeys, snakes, crocodiles, turtles and tortoises, hippos (which we did see them in the water) and fish. You can also find different species of plants and trees. There is a whole section for palm trees and its called Palm Garden. You can also come to the park for a walk, for a picnic and even to workout (walking, running and even cycling).

What was your last adventure? And where? Let me know in the comment section below.



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