7 Fashion Trends That Need To Die In 2017


A fresh new year, a fresh new start. Well, 2016 had some crazy ups and downs, especially in the fashion industry. Bellow I want to tell you about the 7 Fashion Trends that I think should not be brought into 2017.

#1 Over Distressed Jeans.

Distressed jeans can look nice, if well styled. However when you cut these jeans to the point they are hanging on a thread, well…not so cool anymore.


#2 Sheer Top/Skirts/Dresses

This is one trend that I do not understand! Why am I seeing your bra/nipples  or your underwear? You look naked!!


#3 Clear Footwear

From the moment I saw the clear boots on Kim Kardashian I detested these type of boots. And when I saw them on people? I just knew they were damm FUGLY!! Imagine when you sweat in them…ughhh


#4 Neon Everything

Bright neon yellow top with neon green shoes with neon pink pants and neon blue headband.. You are blinding me!!


#5 The Mule Shoe

Who ever designed these, what was wrong with you? And whoever told that person they look good, LIED!!!


#6 The Furry Coat

Honestly speaking, I feel like you are wearing a sheep on you. This reminds me of a story… When I was in Romania this year in March, I was walking on the sidewalk and I noticed this lady walking towards my direction. She appeared very arrogant. As she got closer I couldn’t help myself but to stare at this furry thing she had around her neck. This furry thing around her neck also had paws…PAWSS!!!!


#7 Ruffles

This is the trend that I have disliked since childhood. I never understood it, I don’t think I will ever understand it…and I hope I will never have to wear it ever in my life.


What are some of the trends you don’t want in 2017? And which ones shoul not exist whatsoever. Let me know in the comments section. 🙂


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