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Galaxy Chinese Restaurant-Mombasa, Kenya

This is the IT SPOT when I come to Mombasa. It is more like tradition in my family that every Sunday we go for lunch at this Beautiful Restaurant that is located near the Likoni Ferry and has a beautiful view of the ocean. Sometimes you can see ships coming into the port, it is interesting.

view from galaxy.jpg

What I really like about this particular restaurant, is that it has so many varieties of dishes to choose from. But since we are sort of regulars, there are particular things that remain the same when ordering. Such as the Prawns Crackers (A Must Have) and Spring Rolls.

Prawns Crackers.jpgSprig Rolls.jpg

Apart from having plenty to choose from, you can also share your food with other members sitting at your table. The round tables have a small round glass top that spins. The food is placed on the round glass and anyone can spin it, so the food reaches them as well.


I consider these as some of their best dishes. I mean, just look at them, how appetizing they look.

My Overall Rating:

Booking via Phone:  5/5

Comfortable greeting on arrival: 5/5

Level of help to and at the table: 5/5

Quality of the decor: 4/5

Menu has a wide variety of dishes: 5/5

Menu caters for vegetarians: 5/5

Overall level of food quality: 4.5/5

Overall level of drink quality: 5/5


I give decor a 4/5 because it has been the same for the past several years, maybe its time to change a few things? As for the overall food quality i did not give it a 5 because, there are days when my food can be more spicy than i can handle it.

So if you are into Chinese food or would like to try some, then check this place out. I promise you will not regret it.

PS. Its a great place for a lunch meeting, during the week they are usually full at lunch time.





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