A day in Malindi-Kenya

On the second day of this year, I decided to spend my day in Malindi. Malindi is a small town situated on the coastal region of Kenya, about 115 KM drive from Mombasa Town. Around this time of year, it is full of tourists from Italy (mainly) as well as other countries.
We (Me and my family) left Mombasa at around 9 AM. The road was quiet clear considering that it was the second day of the new year and majority of people travel on this day. On the way we got hungry and started talking about where and what should we eat. I suggested we tried a new place. It was agreed. I started doing my research and came across Mayungu Beach Restaurant. I put it on google maps and we started driving there.

Oh Boy!! Once we got off the main road, it became a dirt road for about 3.5 KM from Malindi. We were driving in the middle of nowhere. At some point we started seeing some settlements and people and eventually made it to the restaurant.


Besides having the most amazing view, this restaurant was secluded from everything. I didn’t know anyone there, which was Awesome!

As for the restaurant itself, it was not all that. Very simple and classic. Chicken, Fish or Calamari and a few snacks. But it is not the restaurant that attracts me to return there. It’s the beach. The sand is nice and white, there are sun beds, very few people disturb you and lastly no one knows me there.

From here we drove down to Malindi and decided to visit the Crocodile Farm (which I had visited back in 2004).

wp-1483686394616.jpg wp-1483686405819.jpg





It is a small Farm, yet it has a lot to see and the guide is very informative. We got to see many different types of snakes, and he was able to tell us which ones are poisonous, how long will it take them to kill you and what should you do if you encounter them in the wild.

The best part was that I got to carry a 2 M long Python that was 25 KG. His name is Michael Jackson, and he is very friendly. Never had I thought that I would even touch a snake, leave alone that I would carry one! If you guys want a picture of me carrying the snake, let me know so I can post one.

After the crocodile farm, we went to the beach just to dip our feet in the cooling water.


The beach was a bit crowded and we were still dying of heat. So we also went for some Ice Cream at Mario’s inside the Nakumatt Malindi Complex.


After the Ice Cream it was time to head back to Mombasa. But before I left, I found some art on display and had to take some pictures. 



And that was my day in Malindi. Like I had mentioned before, Malindi is very small. But if you know where to go, then there are many things to do.

Have you travelled this year yet? Share your story with me 😊


2 thoughts on “A day in Malindi-Kenya

    1. Oh when you do come, please let me know. I can tell you about all the best places you can go (at local rates of cours) and we can also meet up. Would love to show you around.

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