Gifts from Thailand 

Over the December Holiday one of my really good friends traveled to Thailand with her family. For the purpose of anonymity we are going to call her “S”. That reminds me of the Gossip Girl Series…used to watch it all the time. OK, I’m loosing track here…so S is very sweet and kind. So kind that she decided to bring me some souvenirs from Thailand.

I will start with the most traditional. She brought me two traditional pouches that can be used for so many things. To keep money, jewelry, makeup, just small things in general. The bigger one I used it as my handbag when going for a party. It was perfect, it kept my phone, ID, money and eyeliner. What more could I ask for? The fan is so amazing. So far I’ve used it as a display in my house just because it has not been that hot and I also always forget to put it in my bag. But it will definitely use it in Mombasa.  Besides their practicality, they are just beautiful and they even have elephants. Elephants are known to be a symbol of friendship.

So in the pouches I found more gifts. Accessories, something that most girls can’t live without. The rings are so unique and just phenomenal. I only use them for special occasions because of their splendor. The bow hair ties allow my outfits to be more down to earth and make me feel younger.

S just knows how much I love Makeup. This blush is one of the best blushes I have ever tried. It’s very pigmented and it gives the perfect rosy cheeks.

Now this is when she gets adventurous and goes crazy. The banana looking thing is actually a soap. OMG it smells like bananas!!!! I love bananas, I can be really sad if I don’t have my bananas everyday. That’s how serious it can get! The pink fan really made me laugh. Basically you connect it to your phone and you have a fan. How cool is that?? 

And because she is S and she totally understands me and I understand her, it couldn’t have been possible if she wouldn’t have taken some souvenirs from the hotel. And BTW, you actually pay for these when you pay for your room so why not just take them? So I got shampoo, conditioner and shower gel, shower cap, toothbrush and toothpaste and best of all slippers!! The little bottles of shampoo and conditioner are very useful when going to the gym and when travelling as they don’t occupy space. The slippers have been just the best, as I wear them everyday, in the kitchen, before and after a shower, they are just perfect!

And S thought that all that was not enough  she went shopping for clothes!! BTW she has an eye for good clothes and style. I really admire her for that!!
S I cannot thank you enough for these wonderful gifts. It’s my turn to get you something but I’m sure I’m  not going to be as good as you at picking gifts. Love you X 


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