Travel to USA Part 1: Boston

I’ve been planning and organizing a trip to the United States of America since October 2016. Purpose of this trip was to attend the Harvard National Model United Nations conference that was held from 16th to 19th February 2017. The conference was held in Boston, and apart from attending the conference, I also had the honor of being invited alongside my delegation to Harvard University for a reception that was organized by the African Studies Center. During my free time, I would go different places around Boston and visit as much as I could.

Firstly I began with what was closest to me, and that was the park near 19 Stuart Street known as Boston common.

When I arrived in Boston, it was -5 degrees Celsius. The park was beautifully covered in a white blanket of snow.

 I even got to make a friend. The park was full of active squirrels.

I found the State House of Massachusetts to be very beautiful, even though there was some construction going on around it.

What I really loved about Boston was the beautiful and unique arhitectura of each and every building.

On the last day in Boston, I got the afternoon free and decided to visit the Bunken Hill Monument, which as you can see, is very beautiful.

After that I went to the Holocaust Memorial. This is where I was very touched and left speechless. The stories I read gave me goosebumps. One story I can recall is “I did not have a name, I didn’t have an identity. All I had was a number”. As you are reading this story, you notice the pattern on the glass only to realise it was numbers, in other words those were people!!!

The next morning, I headed to New York with my delegation.
Boston was definitely a beautiful place, expecially for the young people. There is so much to do and see. I just wish it was not that cold. I am definitely planning to visit Boston again, but this time round it has to be summer. Make sure you stay tuned for my next post which is about New York.


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