Travel to USA Part 2: New York

As mentioned in my previous  post, I recently travelled to the United States of America. In this post I am going to talk about the different places I visited in New York.

I arrived in New York in the late afternoon. New York was much warmer than Boston. I decided to start exploring the city as soon as possible. Since I stayed in Manhatten, I started with Central City Park which was even better than I had expected.

The ponds with the ducks were soo calming  (sadly I forgot to buy the bread to feed the ducks).

There was even a mini waterfall that I really enjoyed.

When I came across this view, I completely fell in love. The city lights and the water and the sunset all together create the perfect background photo.

Later on in the evening, I went to the famous times square which was soo alive. You could notice this from afar.

The famous big billboards and E-screens. 

The next day I went for the United Nations HQ Tour. My group was lucky enough to enter different rooms including the General Assembly where major decisions are taken all the time.

After visiting the United Nations HQ, I walked to the famous Grand Central Station. Everything was exactly like in the movies!!!! Including Madagascar where it has the information desk in the middle of the Station and it has the clock on top of the Information Desk. All the details are very exact, I was so mesmerised by it, especially the ceiling. The ceiling had different constellations, I wonder if they shine at night….hmmm.

If you visit New York, you must visit one of the two or both, and that is the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. Unfortunately I didn’t not manage to visit the Statue of Liberty, but I did get to see it from the 86th floor of Empire State Building .

On the third day I was very sick and was unable to use my morning to visit any place. Also on the third day, I headed towards Washington DC, and the drive down to Washington was just as smooth as the one from Boston to New York.

Stay tuned in for my next post of my travel in Washington DC.


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