Travel to the USA Part 3: Washington DC 

I’ve shared part one and two of my USA travel in February, now I shall take you to the wonderful city of Washington DC.

I arrived in Washington DC very late at night but the hostel that we stayed in at was still waiting for us and were wonderful. The hostel was located in Adams Morgan which was abit far from the visiting sites however, the street we were on was full of activities that included restaurants with a variety of cuisines, antique shops and even a psychic (which I went to see btw).

The hostel had a very home like feeling and I loved it. The next day I visited the Kenya Embassy and roamed around the area.

Then I took the subway to visit the most iconic places!! The White House, the Capitol and the Washington Monument.

On the way to the Capitol I found an ice skating rink and could not resist the urge to try it out. (It was my second time ice skating and i did it while wearing a skirt 🙈)

After an exhausting day of ice skating and visiting and walking, it was time to head home.

The next day and final day I went for a conference as an observer. For the rest of the day I went shopping for souvenirs and visited the one location that made me feel like I made it!! The Abraham Lincoln Memorial

And that summarizes my trip to the USA. It was definitely an experience that has thought me a lot and made me realise that I am very lucky.


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