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Detox Juice (Night Time)

Detox juices are usually for the morning because we want to eliminate everything that we had yesterday. But what about when you feel really bloated in the evening and want to do something about it? Well there is always a solution 😊

I came across this detox on Pinterest  (ofcours 😅) and decided to give it a try.

You will require 2 oranges, one table spoon of honey, half a table spoon of ginger and a teaspoon of cinnamon. Put everything in a blender and make a smooth juice out of it.

The big question is ‘Does it work?’. From personal experience, it does. I had it at around 6pm and by 10 pm I had visited the bathroom several times. Since then I have been adding ginger, honey and cinnamon to all my juices.

Check out the benefits of these ingredients, soon you will be incorporating them in your diet more often 😉

PS. If you are planning to go out the evening you want to try the detox, don’t do it! Do the detox only if you know you will stay indoors.



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