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Naiccon 2017 (Nairobi Comic con)

Everyone has herd of Comic Con at some point in their life regardless if they are into comic books or not. I’m pretty sure you have herd of it too, either from a friend, a tv show or a movie. I have always dreamt of going to Comic Con one day, however the next close thing to that is NAICCON which is the nairobi version of Comic Con. Pretty cool I must say.

So this year’s event was held at Sarit centre and they had different displays for different interests. I was pretty impressed by the gamers sections where people stayed overnight to play. That’s insane!!!  The different stalls had different things: games, local comic books, caricature artists, customized merchandise, cotton candy, and computers. The best part was the cosplay. People dressed up as their favourite characters and gave their best impersonation in order to win the ultimate prize. 

I got to play games and meet different people who were dressed up!

The best part was when I got a comic book that was signed by the author/artist 😍😍😍 (ps. You can see his signature on the side)

And the last photo is of me and my amazing friend who I dragged to come with me (even though she had an exam the next day).

Overall the experience was amazing. But maybe a few pointers for the organizers:

  1. Advertise more (use universities and high schools if you have to)
  2. Include more companies like gamechanger and game tronic and toy world
  3. Keep time especially for Cosplay
  4. More things to buy like t-shirts or costumes 
  5. More comic books

Looking forward to the next one and for sure I will dress up 🙈


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