Travel to the USA Part 3: Washington DC 

I’ve shared part one and two of my USA travel in February, now I shall take you to the wonderful city of Washington DC.

I arrived in Washington DC very late at night but the hostel that we stayed in at was still waiting for us and were wonderful. The hostel was located in Adams Morgan which was abit far from the visiting sites however, the street we were on was full of activities that included restaurants with a variety of cuisines, antique shops and even a psychic (which I went to see btw).

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Travel to USA Part 2: New York

As mentioned in my previous  post, I recently travelled to the United States of America. In this post I am going to talk about the different places I visited in New York.

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Travel to USA Part 1: Boston

I’ve been planning and organizing a trip to the United States of America since October 2016. Purpose of this trip was to attend the Harvard National Model United Nations conference that was held from 16th to 19th February 2017. The conference was held in Boston, and apart from attending the conference, I also had the honor of being invited alongside my delegation to Harvard University for a reception that was organized by the African Studies Center. During my free time, I would go different places around Boston and visit as much as I could.

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Gifts from Thailand 

Over the December Holiday one of my really good friends traveled to Thailand with her family. For the purpose of anonymity we are going to call her “S”. That reminds me of the Gossip Girl Series…used to watch it all the time. OK, I’m loosing track here…so S is very sweet and kind. So kind that she decided to bring me some souvenirs from Thailand.

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A day in Malindi-Kenya

On the second day of this year, I decided to spend my day in Malindi. Malindi is a small town situated on the coastal region of Kenya, about 115 KM drive from Mombasa Town. Around this time of year, it is full of tourists from Italy (mainly) as well as other countries.
We (Me and my family) left Mombasa at around 9 AM. The road was quiet clear considering that it was the second day of the new year and majority of people travel on this day. On the way we got hungry and started talking about where and what should we eat. I suggested we tried a new place. It was agreed. I started doing my research and came across Mayungu Beach Restaurant. I put it on google maps and we started driving there.

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Adventure · Food

Galaxy Chinese Restaurant-Mombasa, Kenya

This is the IT SPOT when I come to Mombasa. It is more like tradition in my family that every Sunday we go for lunch at this Beautiful Restaurant that is located near the Likoni Ferry and has a beautiful view of the ocean. Sometimes you can see ships coming into the port, it is interesting.

view from galaxy.jpg

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Adventure · Something Different

Haller Park -Mombasa, Kenya

This holiday I decided to go home to Mombasa, Kenya to visit my family and spend Christmas with them.  On Boxing Day (26th December), I had suggested to go to the Nature Park for a walk and also to feed the giraffes. I would usually go to the beach, except that the beach would have been over packed on Boxing Day.


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