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Bentonite Clay Mask

A few months ago I went to Super Cosmetics in Nyali, Mombasa and came across this clay. I know clays were good for making face masks but I had no idea what I was actually buying. So I bought it  (100 grams for KSH400) and went home. I did my research (click here to find out more… Continue reading Bentonite Clay Mask

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Naiccon 2017 (Nairobi Comic con)

Everyone has herd of Comic Con at some point in their life regardless if they are into comic books or not. I'm pretty sure you have herd of it too, either from a friend, a tv show or a movie. I have always dreamt of going to Comic Con one day, however the next close thing… Continue reading Naiccon 2017 (Nairobi Comic con)

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Haller Park -Mombasa, Kenya

This holiday I decided to go home to Mombasa, Kenya to visit my family and spend Christmas with them. ¬†On Boxing Day (26th December), I had suggested to go to the Nature Park for a walk and also to feed the giraffes. I would usually go to the beach, except that the beach would have… Continue reading Haller Park -Mombasa, Kenya